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Why Do Men Lose Weight More Quickly Than Women?

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All couples are welcome! Together, you prepare meals, go out to eat, exercise, and possibly work on losing weight. If that’s the case, you’ve undoubtedly encountered this irritating situation: perhaps one loses weight considerably more quickly than the other.  Women who are in relationships often lament how much faster their boyfriends lose weight following the weight loss plan for men.

You are not imagining things. Even though males weigh more so than women, they do in reality lose weight more quickly. Why is it simpler for men to develop abdominal muscles? What causes women to put on weight more quickly than men? These are a few of the greatest mysteries in life.)

Let’s learn the reasons why men lose weight quickly than women:

  1. Men are stronger than women

To maintain excellent health, the American Colleges of Sports Medicine advises males to have body fat levels between 10 – 22 percent & women to have levels between 20 and 32 percent. Men and women both have greater muscle mass than the other, pound per pound. Men have an easier time gaining muscle because of their greater testosterone levels. Your metabolic rate may increase as a result of gaining more muscle. According to studies, you may add as much as 4.5 pounds of muscle mass within a year, which aids in burning 50 more calories every day.

  1. Males lose higher water weight than females

A little scientific lesson first: When you run out of energy, your body breakdowns glycogen, which is a kind of carbohydrate that’s also stored. Because water and glycogen are maintained together, when you consume glycogen as fuel, you lose water. Since they are mostly water, the initial pounds rapidly disappear. Your body uses its glycogen reserves as soon as there is a calorie shortfall, releasing any stored water in the process.

Getting to something and retaining a healthy weight requires effort, so focus on the long term. Since you two may encourage one other while you progress toward your individual weight-loss goals, a small man versus women weight-loss rivalry might be beneficial. Just remember not to obsess over the figures. As long as both of you are advancing, the scenario is win-win.

  1. Women have hormonal predispositions to store excess fat

While both men & women produce estrogen, women do so in greater quantities, as well as the sex hormone “programs” their bodies to store more fat. Women typically have six to eleven percent greater body fat than males do. Women may struggle to lose weight more than males do as a result of the increased estrogen. Positively, women’s bodies seem better at utilizing fat as an energy source for exercise than men’s bodies.

  1. Menstruation in women can lead to stress eating

Women must contend with the hormonal swings of a monthly cycle, which may cause cravings for unhealthy meals, even when there are no other external stresses in their lives. It doesn’t assist that the meals individuals eat to lift their spirits are often very appetizing comfort foods such as fast food, frozen yogurt, as well as cookies.


The rate at which each gender may lose weight differs physiologically between men and women. Men may lose weight according to the weight loss programs for men more rapidly and in a shorter amount of time, but this advantage is transient.

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