Kevin David Amazon: The Godfather of Sales

Kevin David Amazon: The Godfather of Sales


Kevin David Amazon is arguably the most successful entrepreneur in the history of the world. He is the creator of the world’s biggest e-commerce website, Amazon, which has become a household name since its inception. Amazon is a store that sells everything from books to electronics to clothes. The company has grown significantly since it is inception in 1994, and it is currently worth $495 billion.

How did Kevin David Amazon begin his journey?

Kevin David Amazon was born in the small town of Okemah, Oklahoma. He was born into a family of farmers and ranchers who were struggling to make ends meet. His dad was a mechanic, his mom was a housewife, and his older brother was a barber. His family was not wealthy, but they were hard-working.

How has Amazon changed since its inception?

When Kevin David was just 21 years old, he began his first of many businesses, which initially had limited success. He has built numerous 8-figure enterprises and is now a recognized expert on entrepreneurship, social media, and digital marketing. For his accomplishments, Kevin David has been highlighted on Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc. His training programs have thousands of pupils, and they continue to produce new success tales every single day. In addition to being an author, investor, and entrepreneur, Kevin David is also well-known on social media for his knowledge of eCommerce and how to achieve financial freedom.

Every aspect of Kevin David had a typical childhood. He was raised in Oregon by his family and took advantage of everything a small town had to offer, including playing soccer for the neighborhood team. But he soon saw that the typical way of life wasn’t for him and that settling for what everyone else was doing would prevent him from achieving the degree of success he desired.

Kevin David Amazon is the godfather of sales. He founded in July of 1994, and he has been the CEO ever since. Amazon has evolved a lot since its inception, but it has always been about quality, and it has always been about having a customer-centric approach.

Know about Amazon’s culture

Amazon’s culture is a big part of what makes the company successful. It is also a big part of what makes the company so different from other companies. One of the biggest aspects of Amazon’s culture is their “openness.” They have a culture of transparency and work hard to be open to all employees. This can be seen with their policies on working from home and telecommuting. 

Amazon also has a large number of perks including free meals, stock options, and even a fully furnished office. These perks are meant to keep employees happy and make them feel like they are part of a team. Amazon also has a culture of hiring the best people. They are constantly looking for new opportunities to hire the best people possible.


Kevin David is a best-selling author and the Godfather of Sales. He has sold over two million books and has trained over one million people. He has also trained over 200,000 salespeople in the world. Kevin David is an author, speaker, coach, and consultant for companies that are looking to improve their sales. Kevin David is also the founder of a company called The Sales Bible.

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