Kashmir Great Lakes trek

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek: Trekking Adventure


If you are seeking for heaven on earth then you should come to Kashmir. Kashmir is the most beautiful Himalayan Hill station. If you have not visited Kashmir then you have missed a most beautiful part of your life. Kashmir’s natural beauty will bind you to fall in love with it. The beautiful valley of Kashmir will surprise you with its beauty. Well, we all know how beautiful Kashmir is. And why do we call it heaven on earth? Of course because of its natural beauty, mountains. But in this article, we will be talking about a very famous trek Kashmir Great Lakes Trek.

If we know about the beauty of Kashmir then we can imagine how beautiful this Kashmir Great lakes trek will be. We will be getting a virtual tour of the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. The beautiful mountains covered with white shining snow, the lakes that still have shining water. You can imagine all of these in your mind. And in reality, this image will be more beautiful than you have imagined. 


Information About Kashmir Great Lakes

We all can travel to any city and explore any corner of it but when you are going on a trek or a place that you have never gone to. Trekking experience is a lifetime adventurous experience for everyone. This is because very few people can trek to the place that you are going to. Well, while trekking your mobile phones will not have a network so you can not even talk to anyone. So you should be prepared for all the difficulties that you are going to face ahead on any trek.

You will be experiencing a lot of things like making food all by yourself, making the right path for you, experiencing the beauty of the way, and finally when you reach at your destination, the peak of the mountains, it feels amazing. All the hard work will be worth it when you will see the beauty of nature. Well, Kashmir Great Lakes Trek can be the best trek for you to experience all these things. Well, Kashmir Great Lakes Trek becomes the best trek in the Monsoon season or the rainy season. The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is one of the most beautiful treks in India. 


The distance of the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is 72 kilometres. And the duration of the Kashmir Great Lakes trek is 8 days. That means you will be completing this 72 kilometre trek in 8 days. And this trek is totally not for beginners. If you do not know trekking and if you do not have any prior experience in trekking then it is a big no for you. This trek’s difficulty level is moderate to difficult. So only those who know trekking and the difficulties they can face while trekking can trek on the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. The max altitude of this trek is 13750 feet from the ground. 


Well, the first and foremost thing to do to go on the Kashmir Great Lake trek is to prepare your body well for the trek. If you do not work out then start going to the gym right now otherwise this trek will get difficult for you. Start walking because you will not get any type of vehicle on the trek. Walk as much as you can. Do yoga daily. Working on your breadth. Because you may face breathing difficulty on the trek. 


Things to Pack

Now let us talk about what things you should do while packing for the Kashmir Great Lake trek. First of all, you should have a backpack with a rain cover on it. A walking stick with yourself so that you can walk smoothly. A water bottle is a must to keep yourself hydrated. Then a first aid box or a personal medical kit. Carry all the necessary medicines like for headache, stomach pain, constipation, fever, vomiting.

If you have any kind of health problem then carry the medicines for the same too. The next thing to keep yourself in your backpack is some snacks. Some snacks like some energy drinks, protein bars, biscuit, electoral powder, ORS, etc. Now let us pack for your clothes, carry four full sleeves t-shits, jackets, caps, gloves, socks, inner wear, wind and water proof jacket and pants, and a pair of trek pants. Do forget to keep sun cream, moisturizer, hand sanitizer, anti bacterial powder, tooth brush and tooth paste and lip balm. Keep a few packets of wipes and a small towel. Keep a head torch with you. 

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