How Can We Accept Payments By Paypal In Malaysia?

How Can We Accept Payments By Paypal In Malaysia?



PayPal is the most popular payment processor for online businesses. You can accept payments from customers worldwide and don’t need to share your credit card or bank account information with them. PayPal will also help you get paid faster by sending money from your customer’s account directly into yours instead of waiting for them to mail you a check or money order. If you live in Malaysia and have never used PayPal before, verified paypal account for sale,  here are some steps that will help get you started:

Register for PayPal.

  • Visit the PayPal website (
  • Click on the “Signup” button at the top right of your screen, then fill in your details as needed:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Choose a plan that best suits you and click on “Create Account” when finished:

Log into PayPal.

Logging in is easy, free, and secure. You can access your account by clicking the “Sign In” button on their website or mobile app.

Once you’re logged in and on their site (or app), you’ll see all your accounts—whether business or personal—and manage them from a single place!

Choose a plan.

There are two types of plans: a standard plan, which is free and allows you to receive payments through PayPal, verified paypal account for sale and an advanced plan, which includes additional features like invoicing and reporting (in addition to receiving payments). The advanced plan charges a monthly fee.

Fill in your information.

You’ll need to fill in your business information before you can accept PayPal payments. Here’s what you need:

  • Company name
  • Business address
  • Business email address
  • Business phone number (including country code)
  • Business tax ID number (TIN), if applicable
  • Bank account information, including bank routing and account numbers for incoming payments and the currency you want to receive funds. If your bank doesn’t support international deposits from PayPal, select “Deposits from another country” from this menu rather than selecting a specific country. You’ll also need to provide an IBAN or Swift code for each currency you want to accept payments. You can find these codes by navigating here:

Review and agree to the terms and conditions.

  • Review and agree to the terms and conditions
  • Sign up for a PayPal account, verified paypal account for sale
  • Enter your credit card details on PayPal’s website

Verification process.

Now that you have set up your profile let’s see how you can verify it.

  • Verification by email: For this verification method, you will receive an email from PayPal to confirm your information. The email contains a link that must be clicked on for PayPal to verify that you are who you say you are. Once this is done, the next step will be complete, and your account will then be fully activated and ready for use!
  • Verification by phone: To verify using a phone number (either landline or mobile), simply enter your phone number into the field provided on their website – they’ll call back with a code that needs to be entered; once entered correctly, they’ll send another code via SMS message which also needs to be typed into their site as well before continuing onto setting up payment options for yourself or accepting payments for others through yours

Verification by email.

You will receive a verification email from PayPal after you submit your application. The email will contain a link you must click to validate your account. Once you have clicked the link, log back into PayPal and enter the code provided in the email.

Once you have been verified, it’s time to start accepting payments!

Link Credit Card or Bank Account to PayPal.

You can link your credit card or bank account to PayPal and make payments. Here are the steps:

  • In the top menu, click Profile and then select My Money.
  • Click on Payment Methods in the left column and then choose to Add a New Method in the right column.
  • Select Credit Card or Bank Account from the drop-down menu and follow the instructions to complete the setup of your selected payment method.

Payments will be automatically transferred from your linked credit card or bank account to your PayPal balance when you pay for an eligible purchase using that payment method on eBay (or other online marketplaces where we accept payments with PayPal). You can also withdraw funds to your bank account by selecting Transfer Online Funds in My Money > Transfer funds section under “Transferring money between accounts.”

Registration complete.

Your PayPal account is now ready to accept payments from customers worldwide. You can now start accepting payments for your business, products and services, online shop or eCommerce store.

PayPal is an online payment system that allows you to accept credit card payments directly into your bank account. It also allows you to send and receive money through email or mobile devices (via their app).

Now you can start accepting payments from customers around the world!

Now you can start accepting payments from customers around the world!

When a customer purchases on your website, PayPal will display the total amount due for your products or services plus any shipping costs. With the Buy Now button, you can accept payments wherever you are in Malaysia. Once your customer has paid for their order, PayPal will deposit funds directly into your bank account within two business days.


Now that you know how to accept payments from customers, it’s time to start accepting payments from around the world. You can also use this guide on accepting PayPal as a payment method for your business.

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