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Here are some best treks to do in Pune



Pune is a city in Maharashtra state of India. Situated on the Deccan Plateau, Pune has been ranked as one of the seven Indian cities to be developed as a global city and it is also known as the “Oxford of the East”. It was founded by Maratha warrior kings in 1594 A.D. Pune is famous for its ancient temples, colleges, schools and universities. In addition to this, there are many tourist attractions that can be enjoyed while visiting this city including museums and art galleries that showcase some great works from artists from around the world including India itself . Here are some best treks in Pune.


Shikhar is a trekking peak in Maharashtra, India.

It is located in the Sahyadri mountain range and is about 6,845 ft (2,065 m) high. This makes it the highest point of Pune district.

The trek to the summit takes about 4 days and involves walking through dense forests and over steep hills with rocky terrain that can be slippery during monsoons or after rains.


Korigad is a small village in Satara district of Maharashtra. It is situated at an altitude of 1,500 metres above sea level and the village is famous for its fort. The name ‘Korigad’ comes from the Marathi word ‘kor’ which means hill or mountain and ‘gad’ means fortress or castle.


Visapur Fort is a popular trekking destination in Pune, Maharashtra. It’s located at the foothills of Sahyadri Mountains and is a great place to see birds and wildlife.

Visapur Fort was built in 1657 by Shivaji Maharaj who lived here until 1689 when he went into exile with his father Shahaji Bhosale after his defeat at the Battle of Kharda by Aurangzeb’s forces. The fort was then taken over by the Maratha Empire’s King Chhatrapati Shahu III who wanted this strategic location for himself; however Shahu could not take it back from its British owners who had leased it since 1881 as part of their defense perimeter against any possible attack from Afghanistan or Burma (now Myanmar).


Rajmachi is a hill fort situated in the Sahyadri mountains, near Lonavala in the state of Maharashtra, India. It is located at an altitude of 1350 m above sea level. The fort is surrounded by thick forests and hills and has many waterfalls nearby. 

Aamby Valley

Aamby Valley is a privately owned hill station in Lonavala, Maharashtra. It is located at an altitude of 1,700 metres (5,600 ft), and it is part of the Sahyadri mountain range.


Sudhagad is a fort in the Sahyadri range of the Western Ghats, located in the Pune district of Maharashtra, India. It was built by Shivaji during his reign between 1670 and 1680 as part of an effort to extend Maratha rule over north Konkan and south Gujarat. The modern town of Sudhagad lies about 30 km west from Mumbai (Bombay) on National Highway 4 towards Ratnagiri via Sangli- Igatpuri Road or Pune-Mumbai Highway (NH4).

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