Everything you need to know about store displays fixtures near me

Everything you need to know about store displays fixtures near me


Mostly, all retailers know how much visual merchandise is important to drive sales and getting customer attention. They know the store’s inside look must be the perfect vibe for the customer.

The layout, theme, colors, and design of the store are important to increase the customer experience. Whether they are simple racks or store display fixtures near me, you have to find out fixtures and know how they are important to drive sales. 

What are displays fixtures? 

In the short term, the retail store fixtures are structures that are used to attract customers and displays product to them. The merchandising fixtures take the form of simple pegboards to good displays. 

It makes the display fixtures ideal for advertising new products, specific brands, seasonal offerings, or products that are in high demand. There are many retail displays fixtures available for the store as follows as

  • Racks 
  • Hangers 
  • Wall displays 
  • Display cases 
  • Body forms 

Store fixtures are inexpensive and a straightforward way to live up to the store and attract customers. 

Types of displays fixtures for retail store 

There are different types of products, in different sizes and budgets, available that give a different vibe to your customers when they come to your retail store. Here are the common types of display fixtures 

  • Body forms

Body forms are used to display jewelry, apparel, and accessories. It provides a clear visualization to customers of how the clothing article must fit and how it attracts them. 

Body forms are limited in size and proportions that are not perfectly reflect the customer’s physique. It takes the space that makes it suitable for large stores only. Here are the somebody forms 

  • Dress forms
  • Mannequins
  • Neck and bases blocks 
  • Costumes
  • Racks 

Racks are another retail display fixture used to showcase the store inventory. Racks display the clothes in the store in an organized, well-spaced, and elegant way. Here are the common racks include

  • Shelf racks
  • Spiral racks
  • Garment bag racks 
  • Corner racks
  • Four-way garment racks, etc
  • Hangers

Hangers are commonly used in retail stores because it permits store owners to display different version of clothes in the same space. The cost of hangers is also less. You can buy the hangers for your clothing store, in plastic, wood, or metal material, according to your budget. Here are the common type of hangers used 

  • Suit hangers
  • Skirt hangers 
  • Dress hangers
  • Coat hangers
  • Pants hangers, etc
  • Display case

Displays cases provide a convenient and secure space to ensure great displays at retail stores. Display cases are used to show valuable, high-priced products like shoes, jewelry, etc. Here are the commonly used display case in stores

  • Half-vision display case
  • Full-vision display case
  • Wrap counter, etc 


Stores get great attention from customers by using the different types of store displays efficiently.

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