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Essential Logo Design Tips for Small Businesses


A logo design holds power to make or break your company because it conveys your company’s distinctive values and tells a story about the brand in regard.

When a customer decides to make a purchase, it is the first thing they see and the first thing they will evaluate.

Regardless of having an excellent staff, high expectations, and a fantastic product or service, you won’t experience the business success you desire if no one knows about your company.

This is why having a quality logo is crucial. It serves as your first salesperson, customer service agent, marketer, and brand creator, all rolled into one.

The design of your company’s logo is crucial since it captures the essence and soul of your enterprise.

Tips Small Business Owners Must Follow For Logo Design

A logo is vital regardless of your business size as it is the primary motivator for customers and fosters authenticity and trust.

Follow the advice discussed below to create a logo that draws customers in and helps your brand stand out from the competition.

Thoroughly understand the logo design process

Creating a logo initially can appear to be a simple process, but you’ll soon realize how difficult it is.

When creating the logo for your company, it’s crucial to start with a simple set of presumptions. Even if you want to add shock value to your logo by defying design principles, you should at least be aware of the rules you’re breaking in the first place.

Understanding the fundamental principles of design while coming up with ideas for a corporate logo is crucial.

Logos can be standout, audacious, useful, surprising, or modest.

However, every design principle is the same. First and foremost, a logo must be straightforward. There’s no use in going overboard with an emblem design.

However, brand logos should also be durable, memorable, and able to withstand the test of time. You’ll therefore need to strike a balance.

Finally, company logos must be adaptable, scalable, and suitable for the target market. Please find out how much it costs to get a logo designed by various resources, such as a professional logo design service for a small business.

Create a Design Methodology

It might seem that none of the design processes matter after outsourcing work from a graphic design agency or individual, but this assumption is wrong.

It’s crucial to comprehend the full procedure so that, even if you want to enlist the aid of a logo designer, you’ll be prepared with a design methodology and what to expect.

The first tip mentioned above follows the same logic. Whether or not you design the logo yourself, having a fundamental understanding of logo design principles will help you create the finest logo possible.

It’s crucial to build your design approach, whether alone, with your internal team members, or with a graphic designer. This enhances communication and streamlines the procedure as a whole.

Create a design brief first. To gather information, conduct an interview or questionnaire with a client or group of clients.

After that, study your sector’s background and level of competition. Review logo designs that have been effective for similar businesses and environments using your research notes.

Make actual sketches of prospective logo ideas once all the preliminary work has been finished. Sketch over and again until you clearly know how it might appear. Following that, it is advised to hire a logo design agency to polish the whole concept.

Every company ought to have a customized procedure to meet their requirements, hence making establishing a method crucial.

Seek inspiration from already-established businesses and brands

There is a reason why some businesses develop into some of the most recognizable brands in the world. On the other hand, there is a reason why other businesses never begin.

Therefore, seek inspiration from renowned and respected businesses while selecting and crafting a logo design concept for your enterprise.

A good illustration of this is Nike. The multinational corporation created a brand around its logo and global recognition for both its emblem and tagline.

Steer clear of overusing symbols

It’s much simpler to say than to do. But if you look at any firm’s logo today, you’ll notice that many of them are apparent clichés—or, even worse, blatant inconsistencies like the lightning bolt for invention, the lamp for ideas, etc.

Though it’s appealing, each of these pictures has been used too many times before. Instead, use your imagination to develop the kind of design you want to make.

Recognize the message you want to convey, highlighting your brand’s distinguishing features from its rivals while also narrating your brand values.

Once you know what you are saying, consider alternative ways to say it. How do you create a logo that your customers can understand while setting yourself out of the competition?

Try to stay away from clichés. Your logo can still be designed in various ways to make it clear and understandable. Avoid hopping onto the bandwagon and going along with the crowd.

Select an appropriate font/typeface for your logo

So far, we’ve talked about design advice to help you develop the best logo concepts. The initial suggestions were aimed at getting you in the appropriate frame of mind so you could prepare to come up with the greatest general ideas. Let’s now talk about design details that could help you when creating a logo for your company.

The first of these suggestions is to select your typeface carefully. Even though they might not seem to be, the letters that make up your company name are the most crucial element of your logo.

This is because it’s a key component of your logo design and represents the primary way people will recognize your company: by its name.

Compare Facebook’s choice to spell its name with a lowercase “f” to Microsoft’s typeface. While Facebook’s is typically shown as white lettering on a blue backdrop, Microsoft’s is primarily grey.

Each of these insignificant choices enhances the logos of the businesses and, consequently, the total brand.

Therefore, keep your typeface in mind while you plan the design of your logo. You can design a unique typeface from scratch or modify an existing one. Whatever you choose to do, make sure the text is clear and concise.

Use a Wordmark Logo 

A type-only or wordmark logo is one that uses just text, as the name implies. It is the most straightforward and elegant logo and has been employed to great effect in the past.

Therefore, when discussing the style of your logo, don’t discount using the name of your business in a captivating and intriguing font.

Your font must maintain the logo’s overall interest if you choose to take it this way. Therefore, it is advisable to use a bold and eye-catching bespoke typeface or design a unique typeface for your logo unless you especially desire a minimalist design for its starkness.

The good aspect of a wordmark logo is that it can be changed into a logo the size of an icon.

Consider the Facebook logo typeface. Its type-only logo consists of a blue backdrop with white letters. However, they were able to alter their logo when they made their mobile app by using the lowercase “f” as the entire design. But it’s clear why a logo made entirely of type could be so powerful and impactful.

Utilize ‘White Space’ or ‘Negative Space.’

One of the most clever and powerful logo design techniques is the use of negative space. Although the main logo design grabs the viewer’s attention, it’s what’s missing that holds their interest.

In fact, it’s almost impossible to identify exactly what makes an image so engaging when negative space or ‘air space’ is employed well.

Consider the FedEx logo as an example. Even though the purple and orange lettering catches your attention immediately, something about it feels quick and forward-moving. Given that quick and efficient parcel delivery is a key component of FedEx’s value proposition, this is done on purpose.

It is more visible when you have a closer look at it. A white arrow pointing to the right appears in the FedEx logo between the letters “E” and “X.”

It is made by omitting space. However, it’s the most crucial element of the FedEx emblem because it conveys the company’s essence.

Design For Motion Graphics or Animated Logotypes

Making your company’s logo passive is the worst thing you can do while designing it. Making it active is, therefore, the finest and most effective thing you can do.

Any logo that gives the impression of movement is said to be active. Consider the FedEx logo for example.

The arrow makes this a simple illustration of an active logo. There are, however, more intricate logo designs that truly convey the company’s sense of progress.

Consider the Twitter logo, for instance. An animated bird that appears to be taking off or is already soaring represents the company’s brand.

Its wings are widely spread, and its beak is angled at a 45-degree angle. This is how activity or motion is perceived in logos. Your logo design can be less pronounced, but even if it’s only a logo made up of letters, ensure it conveys a sense of activity.

Customers are drawn to brands that appear to be progressive and succeeding.

Make a Combination Mark logo

Businesses will frequently have both a logo and a tagline. And if you look closely enough, you’ll notice that these businesses frequently have a logo that mixes the two.

This is a fantastic indicator of a quality logo that incorporates your brand logo while maintaining its significance separately.

As a result, when developing your logo design, ensure it complements your company’s goal statement or slogan. A simple copy should be written such that the logo design is enhanced.

Get Feedback on Mockup Designs

Designs for logos might vary, and yours may be liked by some individuals and disliked by others. To be sure you notice everything significant, it’s crucial to get feedback.

Numerous designs have been deemed improper, even though the business never meant them to be, even when done unintentionally, creating a logo that offends people is a surefire way to damage your company’s reputation and brand values.

Seek advice from trustworthy sources to prevent this from happening.

Wrap Up

The truth is that there is yet to be a set formula for creating the ideal logo. A lot of thought and revisions are required to develop something that works for your business.

Follow the suggestions mentioned above and experiment with and use original ideas to get a successful logo design concept for your company in no time.

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