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Essay vs Story: Let’s Find Out Similarities and Differences!


During your studies, you may get multiple tasks in writing, such as assignments, essays, dissertations, and a thesis. Most students think that writing an essay and narrative stories are the same as both types of writing include a story. However, it doesn’t seem easy to present a difference between an essay and a story. But the fact is that essays are different from story writing. This article will discuss some similarities and differences between essay vs story.

In order to find out the similarities and differences between essay vs story, you must first understand what an essay and a story are.

What Is Essay Writing?

An essay is a form of writing in which the author presents his ideas and concepts about a topic, object, or event. Further, there are two types of essay writing:

  1. Formal essay writing.
  2. Informal essay writing.

Formal Essay Writing

Formal essay writing is a type of essay writing in which you include a serious problem. It is normally used in academic writing.

Informal Essay Writing

Informal essay writing is a type of essay writing that you use in your daily conversations. It does not contain a defined structure and statement like the formal essay.

What Is Story Writing?

The form of writing in which you explain a sequence of any event with its characters that has occurred, your imaginations and thoughts. A story can be about a true or imagined incident with real or imagined characters. Let’s start with the similarities of essay vs story.


There are a few similarities between the essay vs story. Both involve a portion of a creative story from the writer and depend on specific terms to express thoughts and feelings to the reader about the event.



The first and main difference between essays vs stories is in their structure. In essay writing, you may require a clear outline to present your ideas and concepts. Formal essays normally consist of an introduction, the main body paragraph, and the conclusion of your discussion.

On the other hand, short stories do not require any outline to present your thoughts and ideas. Also, your story writing does not need any introduction or conclusion.


Another major difference in essay vs story is that an essay always presents the facts and the real experience of the author’s life.

Whereas a story does not always present the real ideas or real experiences of the author’s life. It may present any real-life experience or may the imagination of the author.


In addition, the difference between essay vs story is that essays have a proper statement. The whole essay discusses the ideas and concepts which support that statement. This statement is presented in an introduction paragraph with its background theory.

In contrast, the story does not have any statement. Besides that, there is no need for a theme to write a story.


Another difference between essay vs story is in their perspective. An essay is used to present your perspective so that you can show the importance of your topic. You can research from different sources to collect information about your topic. After reading various ideas and concepts bout the topic from those sources, you may think more logically. Resulting in coming up with your own perspective on which your whole essay is based.

On the other hand, in writing a story, you have an opportunity to represent any point of view in your story.

Conduct Research

In addition to the differences between an essay and a story, you must conduct proper research to write an essay. An essay is a part of academic studies in which you must present your ideas on a specific topic. Your instructor provides you with the topic of an essay. To write an essay without mistakes, you need information and data regarding your topic. For this sake, you must conduct proper research to collect information and write your essay depending on that information.

On the other hand, writing a story is also a part of your academic studies. It does not contain any statement, so there is no need to conduct research. You have to write a story based on your imagination and thoughts.

However, there are some similarities and differences of essay and story. If you are writing an essay and still struggle to understand the similarities and differences between a story and an essay, hire a reliable cheap essay writing service. The writers of such a service will provide you with enough information.


Writing an essay and a story during your academic studies plays an important role in the completion of your degree. An essay and a story include some points that demonstrate similarities between them. However, there is a definite difference between the essay vs story.

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