Alone not Desolate: Kudremukh Trip on a work day



Kudremukh trek is situated around 96km from Chikmagalur area in Karnataka and is only 10km from Kalasa. Kudremukh is around 335km from Banglore and you can accept it as an end of the week journeying objective. It is a moderate-level traveling venture that can be finished in a day.


Kudremukh is a Kannada word for pony’s face. Kudremukh top has got this name because of unmistakable shape looks like a pony’s face. The journeying trail incorporates a thick woods of Shola with various streams and cascades. Kudremukh top is the third most noteworthy pinnacle of Karnataka and consequently is a heaven for travelers.


Storms and winters bring the most wonderful ecological circumstances and exceptionally satisfying environmental elements that make the traveling venture advantageous. The pinnacle gets shrouded in vegetation in the rainstorm season and the site is hypnotizing. Because of its entrancing magnificence, Kudremukh is known as the Smaller than expected Scotland of India.


Kudremukh journey is an astounding traveling venture that takes you through the thick Shola backwoods that is home to astonishing widely varied vegetation. The fields alongside the streams and cascades make the environmental factors eye-getting.


As Kudremukh goes under Kudremukh Regular Woodland Hold you really want to take consent from the backwoods office for the traveling venture. In a day simply 50 individuals are permitted to go on the traveling venture and after 6 pm journeying is precluded. In this way, assuming you miss the timing, you can finish your leftover process the following day.


About the Kudremukh journey

You can design the Kudremukh journey as an end of the week traveling movement from Banglore. We should examine the 2-day journeying agenda of the Kudremukh journey.


Day 1: Show up at Kudremukh.

Day 2: Investigate the environmental factors and takeoff


Day 1: Show up at Kudremukh.

Your thrilling Kudremukh traveling venture starts with your appearance in Balgal, the foundation of Mullodi slopes which are the foundation of the Kudremukh journey. When you show up take a jeep ride to Mullodi slopes homestay where you will remain. Subsequent to having a decent breakfast start your traveling process to Kudremukh top. Your process generally starts at 8 am.


At the point when you arrive at the woodland office you want to take authorization for additional traveling venture. On your way, you will cross many streams and you will likewise run over a few delightful cascades. As you journey across the Shola woodland, on the off chance that you are fortunate enough you could try and recognize a few wild creatures as the timberland is home to astonishing widely varied vegetation. When you arrive at the pinnacle you will actually want to observe the excellence of the environmental factors. More often than not the pinnacle is embraced with fog and it scarcely gives you an unmistakable window to catch the encompassing magnificence. In any case, you can in any case partake in the hypnotizing mists and the fog filled valleys. Get back to your camp stay and appreciate setting up camp with a warm huge fire and have a delightful supper with your kindred travelers.


Day 2: Investigate the environmental elements and flight

Start off right on time and start your investigation. Visit the cascades and investigate the entrancing environmental factors. On this day, you will go over a few wonderful streams. Investigate your environmental elements and wonder about nature’s magnificence. There are various espresso manors all around, and the landscape is very lovely. Subsequent to investigating the enchanting environmental factors, you will get back to Banglore by means of excursion.



During your journey, you will spend the evenings in a tent and camp with your kindred travelers. During the storm, you can remain at the Kudremukh grounds, particularly close to the cascade.


Exercises to do while on the Kudremukh journey

While on the Kudremukh journey, you can partake in different energizing exercises, for example,

Crossing the Streams.

Espresso Manor Investigation

Huge fires and setting up camp

Journeying and climbing

Cascade Investigation

Investigating the Regular Hold Timberland


A few streams will cross your way on your trip, and you will appreciate crossing them.

There are various espresso ranches in the encompassing region. The perspective on the espresso ranches is great. You can visit these ranches and even taste the nearby espresso.

While on the Kudremukh journey you will appreciate setting up camp with a huge fire in the evening. Have loads of fun with your kindred travelers. You will likewise be served a few flavorful bites and rewards.

Trouble level

The Kudremukh journey is a moderate trip that you will completely appreciate. You will journey to the slopes to observe the amazing nightfall and dawn. A few streams will go with you on your traveling process. Cascades will go with you on your excursion notwithstanding streams. The cascades’ magnificence will without a doubt dazzle you. The climate and climate encompassing the cascades are both lovely.


On your traveling process, you will navigate through the Kudremukh Normal hold Woodland. In the event that you are fortunate enough you could likewise have the option to detect a few wild creatures as Kudremukh Regular save Timberland is home to numerous types of verdure.

At the point when you arrive at the highest point of the slope, you will actually want to see the brilliant dusk with delightful streams and cascades behind the scenes. Winter weather conditions is marvelous, and you will actually want to observe a stunning dawn.

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Kudremukh journey is a traveling venture wealthy in widely varied vegetation. The streams and cascades merit the outing. This makes the Kudremukh journey an ideal work day traveling objective. You will bring back sweet recollections from your excursion to Kudremukh that will last you a lifetime.


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